Nissin Company's March 8th Women's Day Activities

Release time:2021-10-15 16:09

In order to thank all the female employees who have worked hard for a long time, to show the company's special care for female employees on the March 8th Women’s Day, while enriching the amateur cultural life of female employees and improving the cohesion of the team, the company’s labor union held a "March 8th Day". "Celebrate March 8" table tennis shooting competition for female employees.

The competition was very exciting. The ball thrown in the hand drew a beautiful arc in the air, and the atmosphere of the audience was harmonious. The event ended with laughter and laughter.

This activity not only relaxed the mood of the female employees, but more importantly promoted the feelings among colleagues, strengthened the cohesion of the employees, and made the women comrades fully feel the joy and happiness brought to them by the festival.