Tug of War

Release time:2021-10-15 16:10

In order to enrich the spare time of employees, the company used the noon break on May 14 to organize and carry out the Buco competition.

There are a total of 4 teams participating in the competition. On the field, the teams have already lined up, gearing up, eager to try. A long tug-of-war rope embodies the courage, wisdom and strength of both sides of the competition, and carries everyone's passion, confidence and vitality. The two warring parties made steady strides and set up their battlefields. With an order, the two sides immediately launched a "fight", and there was a burst of voices and shouts in the arena. This is a competition of team spirit. For the sake of collective honor, all parties are like tigers, fighting every inch of the earth, and the atmosphere of the arena is lively and active. The audience clenched their fists and cheered in unison.

The tug-of-war competition promoted the exchanges between cadres and employees, increased the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and demonstrated the spirit of forge ahead, unity and hard work, and forge ahead among the majority of cadres and employees in Nissin.