We will fully implement the requirements for SOE reform and development, unswervingly implement the new vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, and focus on promoting high-quality and rapid development of SOEs. Fully integrated into the national "deepening the supply side structural reform", "stick to the innovation in the core position in the global modernization construction in our country", "speed up the building to the domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international dual cycle each other to promote the new development pattern of", "" the good life is to meet people's increasing need and other major strategic deployment.

Innovation and development

We will unremittingly promote technological innovation, persistently focus on product innovation, actively and steadily implement management innovation, actively promote transformation and upgrading, and build core competitiveness.

Coordinated development

To solve not harmonious problems of the enterprise in the process of rapid development, including the enterprise fast development of fission and incoordination between the traditional management mode, introduced from modern enterprise management mode, strengthening the construction of talent team, both at home and abroad market aspects of layout optimization, promote enterprise healthy, harmonious and sustainable development.

Green development

On the one hand, it is closely connected with the implementation of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan and the promotion of the construction of "Healthy Qingdao". On the other hand, we will adhere to the direction of low-carbon and environmentally friendly development, constantly improve the efficiency of resource utilization and reduce energy consumption.

Open development

Adhere to the platform thinking and ecological thinking, with an open mind, expand the cooperation platform, and form a vivid situation of win-win cooperation and ecological coupling.

Shared development

Adhere to the development for employees, development depends on employees, development results are shared by employees. We will gradually raise the income level and welfare benefits of cadres and employees, and consolidate our efforts and boost our morale.