Carry out the theme party day of the "Centralized

Release time:2021-10-15 16:11

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Qingdao held a micro-party class contest called "'Hundred People, Hundred Halls, Hundred Departments' Talking about Hundred Years of Prosperity". The event will be held on the afternoon of May 27th and 28th all day in the finals of the iceberg, and will be broadcast live on Internet platforms such as Lanjing, Phoenix, and Tencent. In order to enable the majority of party members to share the party class feast and be baptized by the party spirit, the party branch of Nisshin Company organized a concentrated observation and study of all party members and cadres. Through various forms of party class education, the interest of party members and cadres in the study of party history was further increased, and party members were increased. Comrade cadres are patriotic and passionate.