Digital transformation pushes food industry compan

Release time:2021-11-01 10:12 From:China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association


At present, the manufacturing industry has entered the development stage of comprehensive digital transformation. The development model of the entire industrial chain of China's food industry from production to sales is undergoing profound changes. All links from the source of food production to consumer terminals are closely related to digitalization.

  Use robots to ease labor shortage

With the gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend, lack of labor is also one of the reasons that plague the rapid development of enterprises. The use of robots can effectively replace a large amount of repetitive labor. At the same time, graphical procedures and drag-and-drop operation methods also greatly simplify the difficulty of using robots. , The work content of the robot can be adjusted simply, quickly and conveniently. At present, robots have been widely used in assembly, loading and unloading, palletizing, stacking and other downstream packaging fields.

   Marketing digitalization makes data more valuable

   Digital marketing, online and offline deep integration has become a business model, digital marketing makes data into value. The core of digital marketing is data. Through data analysis, every marketing activity can be made trackable, evaluable, predictable, and assessable. Based on this, marketing resources can be optimized, marketing strategies can be adjusted, and accurate advertising can be achieved. Realize marketing closed loop.

  Digitalization can realize the traceability of the entire food safety industry chain

Whether food is safe and whether it can be traced across the entire industry chain has become a selling point for some products. Digital applications in the food industry can use food safety traceability data to build a food safety management platform, intuitively read daily product sales, and Safety incidents, a food safety prediction mechanism is realized, and finally the entire industry chain of a single product can be traced back by scanning the code.

In order to promote the digital transformation and application of the food industry, and enhance the digital level of the food industry in the Pearl River Delta region, the "China Food Industry Digital Application Forum" was held on April 27, 2021 at Tomson Beijian, Zhuhai. The forum was organized by the China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association. Sponsored by China Food Industry Internet Industry Union (CFIIU), By-Health Co., Ltd., Shanghai China Business Network Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Gongbo Computer Technology Co., Ltd., specially invited digital experts in the food industry to discuss in-depth digital applications in the food industry Path, using new technologies and new methods to help companies accelerate their digital transformation, and promote companies to explore new models.

   Participation in this conference is free, and leaders of food and food machinery related industries are welcome to come to the conference. Venue of the meeting: Tomson Beijian Co., Ltd., No. 19 Xinghan Road, Sanzao Science and Technology Industrial Park, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City.