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Product Name : QWF720Filmbottomfeedingbox-motion packaging machie

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This machine is the latest box-motion packaging machines, innovation design, easy operation, high sensitivity, good stability, large adjustment range, easy maintenance, equipment, sophisticated technology. It could increase productivity, reduce labor intensity and suitable for large production line, it is suitable for packing big regular product with gusset, such as wet pipe, instant noodles and paper box.

Main technical data: 

Capacity: 10 to 60 packs/minute

Length: 70 to 400mm

Width: 32 to 250mm

Height: 5 to 110mm 

Floor space (L x W): 6, 690 x 1, 250mm x 1600mm

Power consumption: 4.6kW, single phase: 220V 

Total weight: 1, 200kg 

Packing material: All kind of heat-shrink film such as PVC and OPP

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