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Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine (QNF590) is suitable for single-unit shrink packaging of bowl, cup and box-shaped products such as cup noodles and for collective shrink packing of beverage of all kinds, batteries, soaps, daily necessities and machine parts

Main technical data: 

Capacity: 50 to 200 packs/minute

Length: 70 to 400mm

Width: 32 to 200mm

Height: 5 to 120mm 

Floor space (L x W): 4, 400 x 1, 085mm

Power consumption: 3.75kW, single phase: 220V 

Total weight: 1, 200kg 

Packing material: All kind of heat-shrink film such as PVC and OPP

Mechanical features:

Design of mechanical is simple and reasonable, which makes the operation easy and reliable

Adopting double-drive long (vertical) sealing device, makes the long sealing stable, firm and neat

High speed end (horizontal) sealing system makes clear and beautiful sealed stripes

Function of automatic stop at the fixed position is provided

Safety clutch for special products to protect the packed items is available

Electric features: 

Control panel and push buttons on the front of the machine to control all actions

Digital indicator shows the size of the film to be cut, packing speed, capacity and all the other data

PC control reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable, reliable, maintenance free

Inverter is convenient and simple to adjust the motor speed

Photoelectric sensor is used to test the color mark on the film, non-contacting points and two-way tracing are available

Optional auxiliary device: 

Automatic grouping device 

Automatic tidying device

Automatic feeding device 

Automatic film connecting device 

Date printing device

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