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Product Name : RQM824W double feeders creaming biscuit packagin

Product details


(1). PLC for simple operation including machine set-up, hopper controls, speed adjustments

(2). Cream Shapes: can handle a wide variety of shapes, including round, square, rectangle

(3). Removable scrap trays are provided for simple scrap collection and machine cleaning

(4). Easy to operate: Simple adjustments for machine speeds, cream volume,

(5). Sanitary design with stainless steel for food contact parts, including cream stencil and interchange faster

(6). Separating cream holding tank and feeding system

(7). No biscuit no cream system

(8). Stainless steel gear pump, connection tubes between cream hopper and stencil are jacket design.

(9). Every cream hopper with independent motor and reducer

(10).Mobile cream hopper can cleaning while finish working separately 

Technical Parameter:

(1) Application: Double lane single flavor

(2) biscuits size: Round biscuits: Φ38-Φ65mm, thickness:4-8mm

Rectangle biscuits(LxW): (40-65)x(40-65)mm

(3)Capacity: Max.1000 Sandwiches /Min.

(4)Cream tank: 35L 

(4) Electricity: 5Kw,220V,50-60Hz

(5) Feeding conveyor: 2.4meters

(6)Weight: about1200kgs

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